Lena, 29 in 2017

We are a part of a spoiled and luxurious generation

Who are you?

I am Lena, 29 years old and I grew up in a small city in Ost Westphalen (Germany). Now I live in Berlin. 24th of September 2017 I will turn 30.

How do you feel about turning 30?

It is something that I have been thinking about since my teenage years. My feelings about this age changed a lot through my life. As a teenager I developed an ideal of what I was supposed to have accomplished turning 30. I imagined to have reached a certain level in my career and to have found the person that I would like to start a family with. I grew up with television series like ‘Sex and the City’ and I think that influenced me a lot.

As I got older I experienced that the ideal is not necessarily like that, and that my life turned out different than I expected. That has been a sort of battle with myself, because I am also a person who puts a lot of pressure on myself.

Before my 29th birthday I went through a difficult phase. My job was creating negative energy and my girlfriend and I broke up. Suddenly my life was the opposite of what I had imagined as a teenager and as an adult which made me extremely sad.

But as I turned 29 and a new year started, I felt it like a new beginning as well. I started to make exciting plans for myself and set goals for what I wanted to do this year.


What do you think about our generation of women?

I find it difficult to talk about specific generations. Fundamentally I think that every person is different. We are more complex than that.

That being said I think ‘Generation Y’ is in many ways a very spoiled and luxurious generation. The generations before us really worked hard for our prosperity. For me it is important to work in an environment of nice people, where we share the same values and trust each other. That I am not only working to make a company even more rich, but rather contribute to a small change in society through my work.

Talking about ‘Generation Y’ I find it important to mention that we are living in a super luxurious society. We have social security and we are doing economically good. We have free universities. So I think we are only able to discuss ‘Generation Y’ in the form in which it is currently being discussed because of how the governmental systems are functioning.

What do you expect from the next 10 years?

I have a really big fear not to have a relationship. I want to do a really good job with my work and work together with good people on interesting projects. I want to travel and to see the world.


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