Miriam, 29 in 2016

Life has its own master plan

Who are you?

I am Miriam, I’m 29 years old. I grew up a small village in the south of Germany and now I live with my boyfriend in Nuremberg.

Half way through this year I started a new job. I chose this company very consciously because it is bigger and there are better maternity leave agreements than in a smaller company. I feel like I am standing in front of many big changes in my life and I want to focus on enjoying life as it is now even more.

How do you feel about being 29?

I am very well in my life at the moment, I am enjoying to live in Nuremberg and to have my current partner by my side. I couldn’t imagine to live anywhere else in the world and I simply feel that my life is fantastic.

Do you feel a pressure from your environment?

I don’t feel a pressure, but at the same time I know that my family would be happy if we would announce that we would get married or I would be pregnant. Among people that I don’t know so well I often feel an expectation – after I told my age – that we would marry or have children soon.


Do you have a plan?

I believe that throughout life you feel what is right, that no master plan is needed, because faith or life itself has its own plan. And I trust life and the start signal of my partner. Women are ready to marry and have children much earlier than men. That is why I trust that my partner finds the right time for us to marry and have a child. My partner knows that I would like to marry first before having a child and he knows that it is his responsibility to decide when it all begins.

What do you expect from the next 10 years?

I am expecting a lot of change but also more confidence in my life. I will get married and have children (under the condition that it is biologically possible). It will mean a lot of challenges and getting to know another side of myself, that I must get used to. Getting older I also expect to be more confident in my decisions, which I am looking forward to.

When I think about it I fear that our relationship not will be able stand the changes that a child will bring. I fear that I cannot protect a child from the dangers in a big city and from social media, but these fears are not so present and are not keeping me from taking the next steps in my relationship.



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